D.R.C to enter the Twilight Zone?


In  a  dazzling  and  fearless  feat of journalism, the Desperate

Readers  Chronicle  reveal  plans  of  new traffic control around

Warner  Road.    So  extensive  are these plans that areas as far

a-field  as  Hoe  Street  will be affected, so audacious are these

plans  they  extend  across  Forest  Road  into  the Priory Court



The  area  covered  by  these  schemes is to become infested with

road  humps  and  speed tables, new one-way systems are also part

of  this  devilish  plan.    Driving  the full length of Pretoria

Avenue  will  be  a pleasure of the past. After studying the plan

one  member  of the news team will now need to take sandwiches to

sustain him on the journey to his mothers’ house.


Although  it  is feared that no car can traverse this area unless

it  has  a  full  tank of fuel, the Council regrets that there is

not sufficient space to build a filling station.


In  the likely event of fuel exhaustion drivers are urged to stay

with  their vehicles until the emergency fuel patrol van arrives.