teenage boredom/bus inspectors


When I was fifteen I was a real Jack the Lad and really thought I was the bees knees, as did my mate Tony.We liked to wear flash clothes, the fashion was Crombie style overcoats and I used to wear a white silk scarf underneath.We both used to carry rolled automatic umbrellas.One day when at Leyton Green (a great place for many teenagers to sit about and moan about how bored they were, I was really sad I used to get on a bus or walk for miles to go and sit there and be bored.)Whilst at this den of iniquity our young ladies went into the public toilets, we being such men of adventure climbed onto the roof of the toilet with the intention of jumping out and surprising them when they left, gosh we were men of such ingenuity.Opposite these toilets was the Leyton Bus Garage and walking across the road towards us were two uniformed men, bus inspectors we thought and proceeded to machine gun them with our umbrellas.Big mistake Ė they were policemen and after running away we were apprehended and I had my name taken, gosh I hope the records donít still show my misdemeanour.