ForyearsI`d been watching girls and boys signing and had been

totallyintrigued.††† I must find out more about it, but as with

everything,I`m all great intentions and plans and do bugger all

aboutit.††† Thus, althoughthisistotallypersonalisedand

subjective,I`vedecided to put into words the things that have

given me that `Saul on the road to Damascus` feeling


Over the years I`d been amazed to see notices and warnings

on the wallsoftheD.R.Cwith words missing, grammatical

errors and strangewording(you`dthinkTHEYwould have

put it right by now,Godalone knows who this mythical THEY

are) I have at last found out over the years the answer to these mysteries.


Deafpeopledon`t talk the same as hearing people, well blow me

downwhatasurprise,ofcoursetheydon`tits a different

language.††† It`smuchsimpler,they don`t mess about with the

flowerybitslike`Doyouthink we should go to the pub` its

straightdownthelinePUBGO?. But most of all its in facial

expressions,sopeopleneed to see you when you talk to them.


AnywayarmedwithmycameraI beetled about in the main Hall

takingphotosof people signing, this will be frontier breaking

stuffthinks I.Needless to say it wasn`t. I showed people the

prints"Whatis being said in this one" says I , it`s only part

of a signoritísbetweenwords or they`re scratching their head

comes†† the†† expert†† verdicts.††† HoweverIdidmakeafew

discoveries,wheneverItook pictures of a group signing it

alwaysseemeditwasJuneywho signed most; "Oh she`s a real

chatterbox" I was told.


So,withthatinmind the camera group set forth to produce a

signedmessageanddoa proper job. It took a lot of time and

effort†† to†† completeit,countlessconsultationswithsign

languageusers, viewing and editing sessions ,many retakes

(which iswhy,ohyewithkeeneyesight, Paul is wearing different

clothes),cutting,mountingandsticking (I bet you can`t see the join

on the backing).Thanks Sabina for the arrows.


Ithasbeenduring this time that I have become much educated,

forinstancethereareregionalaccentsinsign, signs are

adaptedforpersonal preference, left handers and right handers

canchange things and thereís slang of course.I`m sorry if this

soundslikeI`mstatingtheobviousbutitwas real earth

shattering stuff to me.


DuringaconversationwithAnita,our resident sign-language

interpreter, Irealisedwhytherewereblank looks about the

phrase"GOFOR IT". It means nothing to deaf people, apparently

havethe same meaning, but it was signed as requested.It seems

thatit should have been better shown as single sign.The index

fingertappedtwiceunder the eye. I`ve probably described it

wrong but its testamenttohoweasy it is to get the wrong end of the stick.


C`est la vie.


Pleaselet me have any comments and criticisms coz Iím bound to

have explained some things wrong.


Since then I've been very fortunate in seeing a young woman

signing to pop records, she started with George Michael's

Jesus to a child.I was dying to see how Jesus is signed,

it was signed by sticking the index finger of one hand into

the palm of the other (the nails I assume) she finished by

signing to Bohemian Rhapsody -- the word spectacular is a fair description


Ralph much enlightened Edmunds going to say