The  Desperate  Readers  Chronicle  is  proud  to  report  on the

exploits  of  a  well  known  management Committee member at the protest  at  the  Ministry  of  Health at Richmond House 18/5/94.


The  ever  vigilant  reporters  on  the  staff  of  your very own

Desperate  Readers  Chronicle  were scanning the medias’ response to  the  protest  at  Richmond  House.  Despite the late hour our bleary-eyed  staff  were rewarded by the coverage of the event in the  London  Plus  section of News at Ten. The viewers were shown how  the  protest  had  become  unruly  and how the seething mass became  uncontrollable  and  the  Police  arresting  in excess of three  protesters.  In the next shot we were happy to see, amidst the  confusion,  a  figure  we recognised instantly quietly going about his business, a solid rock in a stormy sea.



WELL DONE FRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!