Portrait Gallery


The  camera  group  visited  the  National  Portrait  Gallery  at

Trafalgar  Square  on  23  & 26/2/94 to make use of their triffik

photographic  studio.  Here we were confronted with all manner of

wonders  beyond our photographic dreams and Roger, an expert, who

was  on  hand  to  show  smart-alecs  such  as  me how to use the

Aladdin`s cave to best effect.


We  arrived  on  Wednesday,  after  dodging  the  rain and hungry

looking  traffic  wardens  we  slipped in through the back-door.

Roger  appeared  and  whisked  us  off  for  a  brief tour of the

photographic  portraits.    It was during this tour that I became

convinced  that  I  too  would  produce pictures as good as these

once I had used the Studio (we all must dream).


After  the  brief  tour  we  proceeded to the Studio for the main

event.   Roger steered us back to earth as we stared open mouthed

at  the  wonders before us.  We were shown the different backdrops

(including  a  transparent  screen, used for back-projection, but

more  about  that  later) the lights, variable power flashlights,

the  effects of these and most valuable of all guidance on how to

achieve them.


Sandwiches  were  then  eaten  before we set forth to create.  We

then  took turns to be either the subject or the photographer for

a  series of black & white portraits using our newly found skills

and  ideas.  Wednesday  there  ended, could I contain myself till



Saturday  arrived: this time we headed straight to the Studio for

the   wonders   of  back-projection  and  printing  some  of  our

portraits.    We  had already worked out how we wanted our colour

shots  to  look,  so  Jackie  arrived  with many props and looked



Meanwhile  groups  of  two  were  joining  Brian  in the darkroom

printing  some  of  the  results of Wednesday`s portrait session.

See Arthur or Michael for some great portraits.


I  am  now  desparate  to  see to see the results of our efforts.



Thanks millions to Brian and Roger.  MORE PLEASE