Once  again  reporters  from  your  very  own  Desperate  Readers

Chronicle  were  on  hand  to  report  on  another  story of mega

proportion  at  Warner  Road,  leaving  our  Fleet  Street rivals

foaming at the mouth.


As  always, reporters were working to produce another magazine

 of mind  numbing  brilliance,  the  kind our discerning readership

has  come  to  expect,  when  some of the team felt water lapping

around  their  feet  (  I was thankful that my wheelchair kept my

feet  above  the fast rising waters). Fortunately ace photographer

Mike  Gower  (looks  like another award ....eh Mike?) was on hand

to  permanently  record the event so that our children will be able

to know how it was that day.


A  huge  fissure  had appeared in the wall between the office and

DIAL  (the keystone of support we all knew.... but feared to mouth

aloud).    Water, from a long forgotten underground stream, began

to  seep  through  this  fissure  and  a bucket was strategically

placed  to  collect it.  Soon the trickle become a raging torrent

and  the  brave  attempts  of  the bucketeer proved to be woefully

inadequate.  D.R.C  staff  armed  with  mops and buckets formed a

human  chain  of  bailers  in  the  hope of stopping the building

filling  with  water  (how we wished that we still had the old sash windows,

 they could have been opened to let some of the water out).


All  that remained was for the team of North Sea Oil scuba divers

to plug the stream and recover the valiant bucket.


The  heroes who fought this battle are far too modest to brag but

we know who they are




Stories  of  a robed man putting animals into a  large  boat  in Pretoria

 Avenue should not be taken seriously.




What really happened: -- a small pipe leak.