Jesus paying me back?


In the summer of 1973, I was 18 years old awaiting exam results and about to leave school. I left late and as it was such a beautiful afternoon, I decided to walk home.  I went into Bearman’s department store and perused their reduced records. Coming across one by Bell + Arc, I was tempted but the price of £1.50 was too much so feeling extremely devious I surreptitiously peeled off the label and replaced the price tag with another for 99p.  Satisfied I made the purchase and left the store.


I continued my journey along Leytonstone High Road until I reached the police station.  At this point a uniformed policemen blocked my path.  Blind panic gripped me - I was consumed with guilt, how did he know of my misdemeanour? My stomach did all kinds of gymnastics, should I run, confess or brazen it out?


“Would you mind being part of an identification line up?”


Feeling totally relieved I was only too happy to take part.  I didn’t receive Half a Crown fee but I wasn’t upset because although I had a ‘ criminal record‘ I still had my freedom.


Ralph Innocentish Edmunds