Far  Eastern  Society


As ever the journalists on your premier paper were working when news came through of problems at the Far Eastern Society’s AGM.

Reports did say there were many casualties so the paper decided to send reporters to Whips Cross Hospital to speak to the wounded as they arrived.

The victims were in a distressed state and were not able to give coherent accounts, but the main theme emerging was they should never have accepted the Ninja Assassins as members.

“It was terrible” said one member, “it was the T’ai Chi people and Origamists who suffered most”. 

Later as we spoke to the Chair of the Far Eastern Society, it became clear what happened:

“The AGM had gone very well.  We had enjoyed a sumptuous feast from the many different regions, prepared by our members, and the business part of the meeting had gone reasonably well although there was some sort of altercation between the ‘cultural’ groups and the martial artists about the acceptance of the Ninja Assassins.  After a close vote, they were accepted.  The proceedings ran smoothly until the disco we’d booked failed to show up.  We decided to play party games instead…”

At this point he broke down, sobbing:

“In retrospect, ‘murder in the dark’ was not the best choice of party game.”


Ralph ‘Sushi is over-rated’ Edmunds