Elegy to Richard


On  July  15th  we  said farewell to Richard Howitt, who departed

these shores to take up his new post as a Euro M.P.


Many  users  had  gathered to bid a fond farewell to Richard, and

were  pleased  to  hear in his parting words that he would strive

to  improve  things  for people with disabilities.  He even vowed

to  try  and sort out the Helios program - best of luck we hope you

have success.


Speeches  from  colleagues.    Lis  Wisbey,  Lesley  Bell and of

course  Mrs  Khan  who all spoke of his past successes and of how

his help will be much missed.


But  as  we  all  realise  the  main  reason for the speeches and

occasion  was  to  send  our  best  wishes and hopes for his task

ahead in Europe.


Richard  was  presented  with  travel luggage etc from the users.

After this all headed to the Galley to complete the day.



What         we         really        wanted        to        say


Bugger Off  Richard


Loads  of users were gathered to claim their free meal as Richard

left  the  D.R.C to take his place on the Euro Gravy Train. After

his  success  as the leader of Harlow council the people of Essex

decided enough was enough.  So they let Europe have him.


P.S  Richard  was last seen by vigilant correspondents on the T.V

News flying out on the plane with Glynnis Kinnoch.


Yes  he  has  gone  ITS  OFFICIAL  seen on T.V. Breathe again

now Heather.