Disaster at D.R.C. --- Sunday Sport report


*Dateline 14/1/94 P.M.    *location Warner Road E17 *Page Room


The  newshounds  were  labouring  to produce another issue of the highly  respected  Desperate  Readers  Chronicle when the air was filled  with  a  loud  crash  followed instantly by the sounds of metal twisting  and  mangling  .   


Soon the air was thick with acrid smoke then towering flame as the petrol tanks took fire.  Fortunately  both  of  the  buses  involved  in  this  terrifying high-speed  collision  were  empty, thus no loss of life resulted.  Both  drivers  were  able  to  make  hasty  exits and only minor injuries  resulted,  these  were dealt with by paramedics at the scene.


Prompt action by the D.R.C staff meant that soon the wailing of sirens was heard in Pretoria Avenue.  Soon 17 fire engines were engaged in a fearsome struggle to avert disaster of greater magnitude, within a few short hours the flames had been quelled and the scene left to the recovery unit to clear the smouldering debris.


All  that  remained  to do now was for the team of counsellors to calm  the  panic  that had spread throughout the users who feared that  they  would  never  see  their homes again without the life line     of     the     D.R.C     buses..........report     ends.



What really happened----- 2 buses collided at ˝ mph…!