Desperate Readers Chronicle


Fifth day of July AD1994


I  already  knew that interest in this concert was massive but I was  confronted  by  at  least  five shady characters, before I`d left  the  station,  who  assured me that they had access to the venue..... FOR A PRICE!!!

I  arrived  at  the  venue  and  was  pleased  to  find that the security  was  holding  the growing crowd at bay, I quickly took my  seat.   The buzz of anticipation in the audience was at near fever pitch as the musicians took their places.

My  heart  sank, only a pianoforte and a single acoustic guitar, but  I  should  not  have  had  any  misgivings  as the virtuoso performances were perfection personified.

The  Master  of  Ceremonies,  resplendent in black suit, bow tie and  sporting  a  magnificent moustache (that surely would have filled  Edward  VII  with  pride)  then appeared and we knew the  “show was on the road”.

After the opening announcement by the M.C we heard the sounds of the opening song as the performers appeared on stage singing and dancing carrying with them an infectious happiness that was to last throughout the show.

We  were  then  treated  to  refreshingly  new  arrangements  of familiar  songs  as  well as some great choreography, punctuated liberally  with  solo  performances, a great version of “Cockles and  Mussels”  leaps  to mind. To this was added surprise mystery guests, I  remember a marvelous duet featuring a diva, sporting bright  green  hair  and an amazing pair of spectacles, with her beau.  The M.C again took front stage as the cast left the stage and the audience had time to catch its breath.

After a short interval the cast reappeared, this time in military ensemble, and the cast treated us to a “tour de force” of more of our favourite songs.   During a touching rendition of that heartfelt  song  Lili  Marlene”  a  sultry  figure clothed in a Macintosh  moved  to  centre  stage, the Macintosh was opened to reveal  a  basque.    I was left clutching one of her stockings with a memory that will warm me eternally.

As  the  sounds  of  the  songs  abated  one of the cast stepped forward  to treat us to a wonderful “stand-up” comedy spot.  The material was first class and some of the jokes were unknown even  to  this  jaded hack.  The versatility of these performers seems to have no bounds.

The  M.C  then  introduced  us  to  another  surprise guest a “Mr Motivator”  who  turned out to be a petite lady with outstanding biceps.    The sounds of “The Stripper” blasted out and the cast began  to  undress  to  reveal lycra gym clothes, we were then treated  to  a  `break-neck`  version  of that charabanque classic “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”

The  M.C  brought  us  back  to  earth  and led us singing  “The Woodlands  Anthem”  .............  A fitting end to a fine show.


Rafe St John Fitzedmund

Fine Arts and Court Correspondent