Cats and birds

One of the truly fascinating things about living here is the rain actually is clean, your windows are cleaned by the rain except in one particular case.Karen had cleaned the windows ready for the arrival of my cousin Dave and his family when a flock of seagulls flew over and in a masterly display of synchronised precision bombing three windows were liberally covered with guano.These deposits were the one thing that the rain couldnít wash clean.

We are blessed with a big garden and a large patio window and door which means I can sit and watch the birds.Iíve never been able to see them so well and Iíve never seen such a wide selection.As a consequence of my interest my Christmas presents included a CD rom of British birds and membership of the rspb.I now go into the garden flashing my membership card but the birds are totally unimpressed however I did get a free bird feeder with my membership and we are getting blue tits breakfasting. Itís surprising to see birds that are not nervous and ready to fly away, I watched a blackbird hop across the garden up the ramp not more than 6 feet away from me (I must explain that I was behind the patio window) and then into our partly built conservatory. I must now stop before I start sounding like Jack Hargreaves.

After about two months the cat got fed up with going out and reverted to her London ways and only goes out when she has to.Lately she has taken to catching mice.One Saturday night at about 4 oíclock we were awoken by the scrambling noises of a cat playing with a half dead mouse, a few weeks later the cat comes in with what we imagined was a squeaky toy but was a live mouse.Why is it that when cats bring you a present its always a dead bird, mouse or various parts of them, why canít they bring useful things like chocolate or curry.

Our conservatory is nearing completion and is exceeding expectations.

Ralph Ďnow able to recognise eight birdsí Edmunds